Looking for an Upgrade?

  • Faster Aimbot
  • Customizable Wallhacks
  • Skin Changer (Skins, Knives and Gloves)
  • Radar Hacks
  • External and perfect for Legit Premier Ranked
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External CS2 Model Changer (Axe)
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Install Instructions

  1. Get started by downloading the file from the link we’ve provided. Once downloaded, go ahead and extract it.
  2. Head over to Steam next. Make sure the steam overlay is enabled there. Here’s a handy Screenshot to guide you.
  3. Now, kick-start your CS2 until you land on the main menu.
  4. Look for the cheat file, give it a right-click, and select “run as administrator”.
  5. Voila! You should now see “iCheat” on your screen. It’s game time!
  6. Menu Keybind = INSERT (INS)


  • Uninstall your current Antivirus software.
  • Turn off Windows Defender and Windows Smartscreen for the time being.
  • Temporarily disable any active firewall software, including the Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Again, right-click the file and choose “Run As Administrator”.
  • Make sure your Windows has the latest updates installed.
  • To wrap things up, download malwarebytes and conduct a full system scan to flush out any potential viruses or malware.

Firstly, a gentle reminder – should you notice “iCheat” in the corner of your CS2, yet the hack appears to not working, it’s quite possible that a recent CS2 update is the cause. But fret not, we’ve got you covered. Exercise a little patience and wait until we roll out the updated file via the link above. Remember, patience indeed is a virtue, and the end result will surely justify the wait!

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