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CS2 Cheats

iCheat is a game changer. If you are a serious gamer and you play C2 2 and you’re sick of getting 1 tapped, sign up today, try our CS2 cheat, you won’t be disappointed.

You will find our cheat is both superior and cheaper than other cheat providers and undetected by VAC, this is why iCheat is so popular, we provide great undetected hacks and great value to our users. Our experienced developers ensure that iCheat is always 1 step ahead of the game.

Cheat Download

To download CS2 cheats on our website you must navigate to the shop, from there you buy a cheat that suits you and choose the length of time you want the hack for.

After making a payment the cheat download link will be unlocked automatically and will appear in the navigation bar. Downloading and installing our cheats takes only 2-3 minutes, we also have text and video instructions in case things don’t work as expected.

VAC Safe

Our VAC safe cheats are undetected by VAC which means you can use this cheat without being banned on your account. All you have to do is hide any visible cheating from spectators, that way you don’t end up with an overwatch ban.

iCheat has a great track record with VAC and to this day we employ some of the best anti-VAC security in the cheating scene. While you can use this cheat on your main, we do not recommend cheating on an account with an expensive inventory.

Best Legit Cheats

iCheat has been providing the best CSGO cheats for years now, users love our security and our ability to fight off VAC detection’s, they love our support team and we are often told we have the best support team out of all CSGO cheats.

Our users also consider iCheat the best cheat provider because our hack auto updates when CS2 updates, meaning our cheat is always up to date and online. If our cheats are ever offline for any reason that we do not control then all lost time is added to your account.

LiveChat Support

iCheat has a very experienced staff team who are on hand 24/7 to help you every step of the way. You can choose between opening a help ticket or contacting us via livechat.

Our cheat download page is very simple to follow and we have clear instructions in multiple languages as well as a video tutorial detailing exactly how to inject our cheats. Cheating in Counter Strike 2 has never been this easy!


Users love our wall-hacks for CS2 stating they are the smoothest, nicest looking ESP they have ever seen in any CS2 cheat. Cheaters often call “wall hacks” by another term known as “ESP”, which stands for extra sensory perception and allows you to see enemies through walls and other objects.

Wall hacks in CS2 are very useful as they allow you to see enemies exact location at all times enabling you prepare for that all important head shot. We have Glow wall hack, Cham hacks, name, weapon and health wall-hack + many more!