Visibility Checks

Controls targeting of enemies through walls and changes their color when visible.

Show Team

Enables wallhacks for teammates.

Target Team

Allows aimbot and triggerbot to target teammates, useful in certain game modes.

Safe Mode

Disables memory writing, affecting features like skin changer, model changer, knife changer, and glove changer.


Automatically aims at enemies, increasing shooting accuracy.


Toggles aimbot.

Hitbox Selection

Selects the body part (head, neck, chest, etc.) to target.

Switch Target

Automatically targets a second enemy within aimbot’s FOV.

Field of View

Displays an FOV square; aimbot activates when crosshair is inside it.

Smooth Level X

Controls aimbot speed on the X-axis (lower for faster aiming, higher for legit).

Smooth Level Y

Controls aimbot speed on the Y-axis (lower for faster aiming, higher for legit).

Recoil Compensation

Adds recoil compensation while using aimbot.


Controls recoil compensation on the X-axis for each weapon (recommended 50%).


Controls recoil compensation on the Y-axis for each weapon (recommended 50%).


Automatically fires when the crosshair is over an enemy, enhancing reaction time and precision in shooting.


Toggles triggerbot.

Hitbox Selection

Chooses the body part to activate triggerbot (e.g., head only for rage mode).

Recoil Compensation

Adds recoil control to triggerbot.

Auto Fire

Automatically fires when crosshair is on an enemy.

First Shot Delay

Adds a delay before the first shot.

Fire Delay

Sets a delay between shots.

Zero-Velocity Fire

Determines if triggerbot fires while moving.

ESP (wallhacks)

Wallhacks (ESP) allows players to see enemies through walls.


Activates ESP.

Visible Only

Shows enemies only when visible.


Draws a box around targets.

Box Style

Changes box appearance.


Applies gradient color to box ESP.

Box Fill

Fills boxes with color.

Box Shadow

Adds shadow to boxes.

Box Thickness

Adjusts box border thickness.

Distance Fade

Fades ESP with distance.

Fade Level

Controls fade intensity.

Display Name

Shows player names.

Display Health

Shows health bars.

Display Weapon

Shows carried weapons.

Font Size

Adjusts ESP text size.

Player Bones

Visualizes skeletons.

Target Bone

Draws a dot on enemy heads.

Field of View

Displays aimbot FOV for tuning.


Enhances the in-game radar, providing advanced awareness of enemy positions not normally visible, thus giving a strategic advantage in gameplay.


Activates radar hacks.

Clip Positions

Manages radar element positioning.

Radar Size

Adjusts radar size.

Player Size

Changes player size on radar.

No Background

Removes radar background.

C4 Timer

Shows a timer for C4 explosives.

Skin Changer

Skin Changer changes the appearance of weapons, gloves, knives, and models in-game.

Select List

Choose between Gun Skins, Gloves, Knives, and Models.


Activates Skin Changer.


Standalone RCS

Reduces recoil without aimbot or triggerbot.

Trigger when

Activates RCS when bullets are available.

Compensate X-axis

Adjusts recoil compensation on X-axis.

Compensate Y-axis

Adjusts recoil compensation on Y-axis.

RCS Smooth X

Smoothens recoil control on X-axis.

RCS Smooth Y

Smoothens recoil control on Y-axis.

Recoil Crosshair

Adds a crosshair for recoil control.


Adjusts game brightness.

Exposure Level

Controls the degree of brightness or darkness.

Spectator List

Displays a list of players spectating you.



Save, load, and share configurations; includes config storage path.