Vacnet Safe Undetected CSGO Cheats

VACnet safe cheats

Our CSGO cheats are fully undetected after the recent VACnet update to VAC and while other cheat providers are experiecing detections, we are fully up to date and push frequent security updates to ensure we fly under the radar.

Are these CSGO hacks undetected by VAC?

For the entire period of 2018 our hacks have been undetected by VAC, we employ the best anti-anticheat in the scene in order to keep our users and their accounts safe. You must of course play legit and not rage too much as you can be reported by other players and end up with an overwatch ban.

VACnet Undetected

When Vac pushed their vacnet updated, we noticed and instantly went to work combating the new measures implemented by VAC to catch cheaters. We developed tools that allowed us to see exactly what VAC are doing and make the necessary changes to our cheat.

Can i still hack in csgo with vacnet?

Yes is the simple answer. Vacnet is not a threat to icheat users, you can can hack and cheat and not get flagged for a ban. You might notice some other hacks struggling to keep up with these changes to VAC, but VACnet was not an issue for iCheat

Nov 6, 2018
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