CSGO backtracking explained

What is CSGO backtracking?

In CSGO (and many other games) they have lag compensation which allows people from different timezone to play with each other without seeing visible lag on the screen. CSGO backtracking exploits this lag compensation and allows a cheater to target and successfully kill an enemy. They can kill the enemy not in the position they are in right now, but the position they were in previously.

I still don't understand how backtracking works in CSGO

Lets say your enemy peeks around a corner for just a split second and you don't get a chance to fire off a shot in time. Well if you had backtracking enabled in our cheat, you would be able to shoot the place where the enemy peeked and still make the kill, even if the enemy is now safely behind the wall.

Can i be banned for using a backtracking cheat in CSGO?

People actually say you are less likely to be reported by other players for using a backtracking cheat than you are for using an aimbot. The reason for this is that players in CSGO are used to the feeling of being killed when they think they are safely behind a wall. Due to the lag compensation implemented by Valve into their game, it creates this grey area into which our CSGO backtracking cheat can sit nicely.

Does iCheat offer backtracking?

Yes iCheat most certainly offers CSGO backtracking, sign up today and cop our cheat to experience the best backtracking in CSGO for yourself! As we mentioned earlier, its a super legit way to rack up kills without raising enemy suspicions.

Nov 9, 2018
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