iCheat CSGO Legit Aimbot (Legit bot) and CSGO Rage Aimbot (Ragebot, HvH)

Do you want to know more about the best CSGO aimbot? This page contains everything you need to know about aimbots in CSGO.

What is an aimbot you might ask? An aimbot usually involves 3rd party software interacting with CSGO to automatically seek out enemy players and draw your cross-hair to the body of the enemy. Once a successful kill can be made, the aimbot will then open fire automatically and make the kill. It allows players using a CSGO aimbot to make a kill quicker than players who are not.

The best legit aimbot in CSGO!

CSGO Aimbot

Our legit aimbot has many different features inside it to ensure you stay safe while using iCheat. Our legit aimbot allows you to choose which bone to target on enemy players, this means you can choose if you want head-shots or chest shots or a mix of both. We also allow you to choose your own key for the aimbot so that you can choose a key of mouse button that suits you.
The aimbot on our site also includes a smoke check so that enemies will not be targeted through smoke, this ensure you wont get any suspicious 1 tap head-shots through smoke. Like most aimbots in csgo, we have FOV which allows you to control how far away an enemy must be from your cross-hair to be targeted by the aimbot.
We also have a smoothing slider so you can choose how smooth (fast or slow) the aimbot will target enemies once they are not behind cover Our aimbot includes recoil mitigation which reduces the amount of recoil on your weapon while using the aimbot. Finally, it includes visibility checking, which means enemies behind walls will not be targeted by the aimbot. This ensure you have no embarrassing moments explaining how you just 1 tapped someone through a wall.

Best Legit Aimbot

iCheat's aimbot has been described as the best legit aimbot by people using our cheats who have used many other popular cheats. We have spent countless hours perfecting the ideal aimbot that allows you to better your opponent while also not raising any suspicions.
Most aimbots in CSGO are coded to make a kill as fast as possible and in devastating fashion whereas iCheat's legit aimbot is coded in a way to make the kill in a "legit" manner so as not to draw attention to the fact you are cheating. If you want to go for a 1 tap using the legit bot, its still possible, only a minor adjustment will take place. Or if you want to spray and pull your cross-hair towards the enemy head to make a kill, that is also possible with our legit aimbot.

Undetected CSGO Aimbot

Our CSGO aimbot is coded in such a way that it will allow you to beat your opponents while still appearing "legit" therefor not attracting the votes of your fellow players. You can comfortably win every game all while not raising any alarm bells with other players. Not only that but our aimbot for CSGO is completely undetected by VAC, therefor you can rest assured you wont be picking up any VAC bans or untrusted bans from using our aimbot.
We also have a backtracking aimbot feature in our CSGO cheat and backtracking basically allows you to kill an enemy not in the position they are in now, but in the position they were before. If you combine backtracking with our legit aimbot, you have a recipe for success.

The best rage aimbot in CSGO!

The best rage aimbot (ragebot)

As well as offering a legit aimbot, iCheat also provides a rage aimbot, otherwise known as a ragebot and this aimbot is devastating to say the least. If you encounter an opponent who is a pro player or cheating, you will want to have iCheat's ragebot in your corner. At the flick of the switch you can have our aimbot automatically kill any player in sight in a split second and even enemies behind walls. Most times in matchmaking, you can easily out class your team while not even needing to use a rage bot, however, things can very quickly turn ugly if you find yourself against a team full of cheaters who are blatantly hacking. Simply toggle on the aimbot from pre-made settings and within moments, our aimbot transform from a stealthy legit bot into a lethal rage bot.

CSGO HvH Cheat

Are you looking for an HvH cheat? Our ragebot can be used in HvH game modes against other cheats. There are lots of other cheaters out there and many users cheats and play in HvH servers so if HvH is something you like, you will most likely need something like iCheat.

Rage Aimbot Features

We have several components in our rage aimbot that will help you destroy the competition, i will go ahead and list them here. Being able to select your own key or mouse button to toggle the aimbot is crucial as it means you can choose a bind that is comfortable for you and that fits into your play style. Autowall is a feature in our ragebot aimbot that allows you target enemies who are behind penetrable objects such as doors, boxes, thin walls and any other object in which bullets can pass through. If you find yourself in an HvH situation against another cheater, being able to target an enemy through a wall with the ragebot can be the difference between life and death. Silentaim (otherwise known as silentaim or formerly as pSilent) is a feature that allows the aimbot to target and kill an enemy without your cross-hair visibly moving to the enemies location. This allows for seamless multi-kills, a less choppy experience and an improved speed in which you can kill enemies with the aimbot. pSilent was a feature that allowed silentaim to be undetected in overwatch, however, that has since been patched and silentaim is visibly shaky when your overwatch case is being reviewed. Finally, our cheat contains auto stop and auto shoot which, when combined, force your player to stop and shoot the moment a kill can be made, this allows for better accuracy and ultimately more aimbot kills.

Jan 25, 2019
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